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8 days a week

people might say im jealous. in fact, i know they would. But it's awful funny how people can say things (positive things about people, that could only apply to something once. IE: I had the best day of my life with so-and-so) and then say them again about someone else. I read this, and I think that maybe i've really been bumped out. like the memory of me must be dead.


perhaps this is a good thing. yes, it is a good thing.
Know what's better? NOT READING EX PEOPLE'S ONLINE JOURNALS. It's the smart thing to do.
God i'm retarded sometimes.

now onto the good fuzzy feelings: mike showed up here an hour early. i was INCREDIBLY glad to see him, since it had been 8 days..nothing's the same without him here. But since he was so early, i had just gotten out of the shower, just dressed, my hair was messed up, my makeup wasnt on and my teeth werent brushed. I was arguing with my mother about something and he shows up at my door, and i'm trying to clean the living room up. it was hillarious. i felt like the ultimate homemaking superwoman today. i cleaned, i made my man dinner. (hahaha!) he had taken me to see a movie (my choice too!! 28 days later...goood movie, not scary but excellent in the tradition of Trainspotting meets zombies) so i would be wonderful and cook. it was wonderful, it was french bread pizza...mmmm. 2.5 minutes in the microwave and 6 in the oven. i am a domestic goddess, am i not? :p

i am STARVED. silly abby.

courtney got me this LJ code. How excellent is she? extremely.
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