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stroll around the grounds until you feel at home..

i think my dad is dying, he's coughing up a lung. damn cancer sticks.

it's been sort of a boring day, my body is begining to react to the lack of sugar. i fell asleep this afternoon on the couch, and then woke up..sort of. it was like it took my brain another 30 minutes to catch up to my body. i felt dead.

and i went school shopping. zombified. i got some good stuff, im looking forward to going back. alot. i miss seeing mike everyday, i'm still not used to my visitation rights. (haha, or lackthereof.)

lookie what i got !

but they're black, and i got them for 15 bucks instead of 58. i am good.

unfortunately, i saw a bunch of stuff i





and have to save almost all the money i make this summer doing irregular cleaning jobs. I have 2 coming right up. Count em, 2. how exciting, i'm really rolling in the dough. [sigh] i still flip off the mean ice cream store in which i was supposed to work, and wish my would be boss who screwed me out of my job that her ass gets 20 inches wider than it already is.

i'm a nice girl, honest.

and i need something to do.

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