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i always get the linty end of the lolly

i'm reading a book a day, lately. is it healthy? i think it just proves that i have no life.
i need a new look. my hair has been in a fucking messy bun since sixth grade. i'm buying a straigtening iron tommorow, and the second i lose enough weight as to not look like a cow with short hair, i'm getting it cut. i'll straighten it all out so it doesnt look like a fro. it's going to be marvelous, but until then i will be long and hopefully straightened.


i'm highly disillusioned with people who claim to be friends. the only person here who truly acts like she gives a fuck about me is kimmie. i told her that, and she seemed pleased. people have told me they care, but they are only proving what they have proven time and time again: that they are positively full of shit.

website time.
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