real horrorshow (skycantfall) wrote,
real horrorshow

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he says to me:

i wish i could dream about him every single solitary night.
[sigh] maybe i'd see him more.

it's been a really strange day. i've been so much hornier than usual. probably people noticed.
oh boy.
I bet you can tell by the new LJ icon
[straightens halo... quickly.. ]

my back and bum aches from this computer chair.. im going to sit in it one day and it's just going to colapse underneith me. i gained a pound, all that latenight binging when mummy isnt looking isnt paying off at all. oh well, no more. But i'm feeling cool though, because im going to storyland saturday with patrick. i havent been for about four years, and it'll be a romp through pre-adolescence days that is very much so's like the antithesis of jaded.

i'm excited.
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